The D’Agostino family has become a point of reference among L’Aquila coffee producers and is ready to show you how handmade roasting makes its products unique.

Roasting is an artisanal process, thanks to which coffee preserves the properties and benefits of every single bean. Consuming roasted coffee beans and grinding it at the time of use guarantees a unique aroma, and above all it preserves its organoleptic properties perfectly.
What stages does it consist of? In our company in Abruzzo, handmade roasting starts with the slow heating of the beans, until very high temperatures are reached. The substance is thus dehydrated, oxidized and partially carbonized: this is the moment when the beans become dark brown, as we all know them. The roasting process is completed by air drying and the accurate mixing of the various types of beans.

For coffee with a unique aroma, to enjoy moments of extreme pleasure.
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