Fragrance, body, sweetness, intensity and roundness are the ingredients that make each blend unique, and even more special if it results from a handmade production that guarantees quality and authenticity.

Our production and sale of coffee beans offers a wide variety of blends to choose from: discover with us the characteristics of some of our main blends and choose the one that suits you best.

Re Blend

The best characteristics of this old blend derive from fragrances and aromas reminiscent of the land of origin. The slight cocoa taste is accompanied by a fragrant almond and caramelized aftertaste rounded off by floral influences. Excellent for espressos.

Regina Blend

This coffee satisfies demanding palates looking for a synthesis of fragrance, aroma and body, with a touch of balance and taste. The slight cocoa taste is made soft and delicate, as well as persistent and sweet by a harmony that fully stimulates the taste buds. Ideal for espressos, it also gives excellent results in cappuccinos.

Sud Blend

This robust coffee boosts your energy at any time of the day. Its round, rich aroma and body are reminiscent of the full flavors of the Far East and South America. The blend is highly appreciated for the preparation of the typical Italian espresso coffee.

Our handmade production does not end with the blends: find out our offer of barley coffees, ginsengs and decafs in our virtual shop and choose the right product for you.
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